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Yubo: A Unique and Rapidly Growing Platform

Yubo is an app that young people widely use to chat, live stream, and play games with users with the same interests. The founders launched the app in 2015, but it is rapidly growing because it now has over 60 million users in 140 countries.

How is Yubo Different from other Social Media Platforms?

People prefer this app because it is simple to use, and one can learn to use it in a few minutes. It has an accurate age verification system ensuring users are matched with their age groups hence fostering authentic communication, which is uncommon in other platforms.

It also promotes authenticity as it doesn’t encourage users to focus on ‘likes’ and ‘follows.’ Its primary focus is to let people interact. It connects the users to people outside their friends and family cycle, helping users foster more connections and interactions.

Yubo’s Livestreams

The app’s popularity is rising at a high rate because of its livestreams. It allows its users to access the best of live streaming technology. Ten people can stream in one live at once, and an unlimited number of users can view those livestreams.

If you love livestreams, they are plenty to watch at Yubo. The app allows you to select the live stream you want to watch based on your country, language, and interests. Also, they are no ads to ruin your fun as you live stream.

Finally, it is the first platform to have real-time audio and live stream moderation. It has an AI that analyzes the stream. If it spots any potentially inappropriate or harmful content, it reports the issue to a human specialist who steps in to address it. Therefore, Gen Zers can safely participate in a live stream to know more click here.