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Why ClassDojo is Informing Students about Shared Goals in School

Having a shared goal is something that most of the schools have not been teaching their students. There has always been a perception that schools have been teaching the students that each one of them has an individual goal they want to achieve in the school. This creates segments within the classroom where all the kids have to concentrate on their own lessons and ignore everything else that has been happening in the institution of learning.

That is why ClassDojo has been working towards bringing some major differences in the school. Everything, such as most of the learning facilities, have built significantly associated with being independent and not paying attention to most of the challenges that have been happening in such schools. That is why it has been very difficult to provide some of the best and most necessary lessons that students need to understand as they continue to learn.

However, ClassDojo wants the students to have a detailed understanding that they have some shared goals with other students in the same classroom. This means that all the students who are out there in the schools have to always ensure that they have been looking for some of the ways through which they should acquire the necessary skills and some of the essential lessons that give them a better perspective about various issues in the community.

ClassDojo does not want all the students in the same classroom to be involved in an unnecessary competition that will not be generating any positive result among such students. This is an issue that can always lead to a situation where most of the kids will not be getting such important and basic lessons. However, by ensuring that all the students are enjoying some basic lessons while at the same time pursuing shared goals, it will help in eliminating unnecessary competition.

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