Business Expert Peter Briger

Who is Peter Briger?

Peter Briger has a longstanding network of developed trust and reliability, but who is he? Peter Briger is the Co-CEO and Principal of Fortress Investment Group located in San Francisco, California. He was appointed to the board of directors of Fortress in 2006 but had been working with Fortress since 2002 as a manager. Peter Briger does many other duties other than just sitting on a board, he is also the person responsible for the Credit and Real Estate portion of Fortress. His impact at Fortress is one of the biggest reasons Fortress became a public company. His main priority at the company is currently distressed debt and investments that don’t have any current liquidity. He worked for Goldman-Sachs for 15 years and worked his way up to be a partner of the company where he sat on many various committees including Asian Relations and Japan Executive committee. He has mastered many different aspects of business such as loans, trading, real estate, and even foreign investments. Peter Briger is also highly educated in business, graduating from Princeton University as well as the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also known to be charitable; Peter Briger is also on the board for different various organizations such as UCSF Foundation and Tipping Point. He even was appointed to the Board to Trustees for his previous school, Princeton University. Mr. Briger sets out to make everywhere he goes a better and more profitable place. Every company Mr. Briger goes to has seen growth and opportunity after his contributions to them.

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