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What New With Yubo? App Partners With Hive for Innovative Audio Moderation

There’s a lot of noise on the internet, and it is getting worse. Yubo has partnered with Hive to solve this problem through innovative audio moderation. A content moderator can moderate an entire broadcast and silence offensive speech with just one tap. It is making censorship a cinch to implement, eliminating the need for monitoring both creative & technical deadlines. This new collaboration will provide the best service for broadcasters, content moderators, and advertisers in creating a seamless product experience for all involved parties. The company’s mission is to ensure that everyone can engage with content safely, efficiently, and fair way.


With the introduction of Hive’s audio moderation, content moderators can now censor offensive speech from any broadcast. The Yubo app will then deliver this policy to all users in real-time, ensuring everyone can access relevant content on the platform. It is the first time in history that content moderators can work with a social media platform to censor audio content. The Hive moderation system will work seamlessly within the Yubo app and make it easier than ever to provide excellent quality service for every broadcaster and content moderator on Yubo. Cloud-based AI solutions are also developing to determine appropriate content for a broadcast.

yubo will allow content moderators to silence offensive speech from their broadcasts with just one tap. The ability for users to mute the audio of a live television broadcast without leaving the live social discovery app will change how millions of people use social media daily. There is simply no reason that viewers should be exposed to offensive or inappropriate content on social media, and this technology will provide unparalleled protection against such content. Adding Hive’s audio moderation is the second step in Yubo’s goal to make a speech on the internet safe, efficient, and fair. Along with being able to censor audio content, users will now have the option to mute words or phrases one by one instead of limiting an entire broadcast. In addition, adding a new moderation function will allow content moderators to quickly and intuitively edit conversations that would otherwise be blocked.