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Ways In Which Mirabaud Makes Supporting Art Sustainable

Mirabaud was established in 1819 in Switzerland, and since then, it has been operated and owned by a Swiss family. It was developed to provide services such as asset management, wealth management, and brokerage, to private institutions and clients worldwide. By 2011, Mirabaud had solidified its presence in most parts of the world, including Paris, Barcelona, Dubai, Madrid, and Luxembourg, where it consolidated its assets management activities, and it is when it came up with Mirabaud asset management.

For two hundred years, the Group has had an active commitment to art, which can be seen through its extensive art collection. This commitment reflects the importance of artistic work in this society. Supporting art means sustaining artists and the ideas they bring to life. Institutions such as MAMCO Museum, the FIAC Hors Les Murs, Quartier, Nuit des Bains, and the Zurich Art Weekend have gained loyal support from Mirabaud Group because of the Groups value of ensuring that art is brought to a broader audience.

The keen interest of Mirabaud is to make art collections as accessible to many people as possible. The Group does this by lending their artwork to institutions that request them to allow more people to discover them. These collections have brought together emerging artists such as Antonie Rogiers, Omar Ba, and Fabien. The Group has also shown its commitment by supporting young artists, promoting creativity and innovation, and acquiring artworks.

Mirabaud supports FIAC Hors Les Murs, a firm that displays installations and sculptures every year in Paris. During its anniversary celebrations in 2019, the Group donated the work by a Swiss artist called the Moon to Geneva City. The establishment has also conveyed its continued integration of art across various cities globally. These collections bring a strong bond between the Group’s clients and colleagues. Go here for related Information.


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