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Walking the Line: Ross Kempsell

Being in the political arena is not easy for anyone these days. The scrutiony that it comes with can be too much for some people to bear. One of the people who has been under increasing pressure these days is Boris Johnson. He is the Prime Minister of England. One of his trusty advisors is a man by the name of Ross Kempsell. He has become one of the lead strategists for Johnson and was a former journalist. He has slowly been working his way upo the ranks in order to become part of the inner circle. He wants to do the best job that he can.

Source: The Guardian

A man like Ross Kempsell is vital to have at crtitical times. He is a man who does not run and hide from things. He wants to take the bull by the horns an deal with the problems at hand. Even though it has not been easy for him he wants to stick it out to the end. He wants to give it his all and leave nothing to chance. Ross Kempsell wants to be sure that he has put it all on the line for his boss. He knows that dealing woth many situations at once is not easy. This is what he was made for.

Ross Kempsell is a determined man. He is a person that Boris Johnson is glad to have around. Even though it has been difficult for the people of England Ross Kempsell wants to be at his best in good and bad times. He knows that it is easier to say it rather than do it. He has to put his wheels to the grindstone and do what he can with what he has available to him. This is what being an expert strategist is all about.