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Vectiv Line Recap

The North Face, known for its outwear technology, released its Vectiv Shoe line for purchase to the general public early this year. While it’s new to the rest of us, this particular shoe line has been available to The North Face’s sponsored athletes since 2020. The North Face’s global senior vice president of marketing and product, Steve Lesnard, explains that Vectiv is designed with all types of terrain in mind.

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The shoe technology powers the runner forward, permitting a more comfortable run. This is done by Vectiv technology, turning expended energy into forward momentum. Three underfoot components work together to achieve this effect, resulting in a 10% reduction in downhill impact.

Steve Lesnard at a screening for the new National Geographic documentary 'Breaking 2' at the Hackney Empire, London, United Kingdom on the 11th August 2017. (Photo by Joanne Davidson/National Geographic/PictureGroup) *** Please

Now that Vectiv is being released to the public, The North Face has planned 15 different models of shoes for trail running and hiking. These are split into three main categories trail running, outdoor trail, and active trail.

The trail running category has created three styles of shoes for each gender. The outdoor trail has two styles, while the active trail has three. Eight of the fifteen styles were designed specifically for women with the female bone structure in mind.

The trail running shoes are sports shoes through and through. Outdoor trail, on the other hand, focuses on enhanced traction, stability and support, and waterproof breathability. Active trail shoes are meant to be comfortable in one’s daily life, but strong enough to hit the trail after. Several athletes give these shoes their stamp of approval, marveling at how revolutionary they truly are.