Space Development

Tom Keane Microsoft – Empowering Space Development with Azure

Tom Keane, corporate vice president of Azure Global at Microsoft, is revolutionizing the space development of the planet. With his keen leadership and innovative vision, he has steered Azure to a new realm of satellite connectivity and geospatial capabilities that unlock cloud computing scenarios never seen before. His efforts have brought commercial innovation in chip design and ground processing, paving the way for a new era of space exploration.


Ground Processing Solutions 


Tom Keane also understands the importance of ground processing solutions when unlocking data from Earth-orbiting satellites. By utilizing powerful AI models on the ground, users can quickly analyze vast amounts of data collected from these sources and convert them into insights that can help inform decision-making processes back on Earth or out in space. 


Tom Keane Leads Microsoft Azure

Through this technology, Tom Keane adds, customers can receive real-time updates about their operations no matter where they are located or how far away they may be from their equipment or personnel stationed elsewhere around the globe (Twitter).


About Tom Keane Microsoft

Tom Keane has pushed cloud computing into orbit by empowering space development off the planet with Azure services that make satellite connectivity easier than ever—from chip design to ground processing solutions. This has had success in allowing customers access to reliable data faster. With his leadership at the helm of Azure Space, we are closer than ever before to unlocking new realms of exploration beyond our atmosphere, leading us all toward a future filled with exciting possibilities both here on Earth and out in space!