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Tom Keane is enabling the growth of space exploration with Azure beyond our planet

Microsoft has constantly encouraged members of the software development sector. With Azure, any developer is capable of becoming a space developer. From Github to Visual Studio, we offer the broadest range of developer tools and platforms in the world. Led by Tom Keane, we supply multiple use cases, industries, and services, from healthcare, finance, and essential markets to space exploration.


The capability to harvest and benefit from data collected from space can revolutionize entire industries and introduce revolutionary ideas as the cloud services engineer Tom Keane recalls. Azure Space can offer customers unrivaled options through collaborations, data from space, our compatible tools, and the services and capabilities Microsoft offers.


One year after introducing Azure Space, Microsoft has been bolstering the Azure Space environment through partnerships with top names in the space industry to help customers and collaborators do more. To make Azure Space their go-to platform and ecosystem for the space community, Microsoft is joining forces with Airbus and making their superior satellite photos and height data available on Microsoft’s Azure Maps. Tom Keane adds that we are now making Azure Government Top Secret generally available.

Tom Keane Leads Azure Global

This is a huge stride in our allegiance to providing government customers with every unrivaled business breakthrough across all data classifications. With new services and functionality in Azure Government Secret, this announcement exhibits Microsoft’s perpetual devotion to the country’s security cause, helping clients and allies pursue the dream of a multi-cloud approach resulting in increased flexibility, communication, budget savings, and fast-tracked development. In the previous year, Tom Keane adds, Microsoft worked in tandem with Ball Aerospace to establish the template for the Commercially Augmented Space Inter Networked Operations (CASINO) Program Office.


This, the services engineer says, to evidence adroit cloud processing abilities to aid the U.S. Space Force. As mission settings are progressively diversified, Microsoft Azure provides the power and investigation needed for these jumbo databases. In conclusion, Tom Keane finally adds, Microsoft is enabling the growth of space exploration with Azure beyond our planet. 

Microsoft Corporation is democratizing space by offering customers the most comprehensive, powerful, and secure set of tools, platforms, and services on the market. Azure has a broad range of use cases, industries, and services from healthcare and finance to space exploration that can help companies in their pursuits to greatness. It’s a great honor to be part of Tom Keane´s movement to develop technology that will let people see and feel things being done on Earth from new perspectives.