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Tom Keane at Ensim Corporation

Tom Keane is the Microsoft corporate vice president for Azure Global. He has been awarded the 2021 Pinnacle Award for Cloud Industry Executive of the Year. The Pinnacle Awards are presented by the Business Intelligence Group and recognize organizations and people that have shown excellence in various areas, including cloud computing. 


Tom Keane was recognized for his work in helping to drive the growth of Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. In particular, the software developer was lauded for his work in expanding Azure’s reach into new markets and his efforts to build a robust partner ecosystem. “I am honored to get this award on behalf of the Azure team,” said Keane. 


“It is a testament to our team’s hard work and drive that we have been able to achieve such success with Azure. Tom Keane keeps on: I look forward to continuing working with our partners to assist them in recognizing the full potential of the cloud.”


Business leader Tom Keane is responsible for building and running the infrastructure and services that power Microsoft’s cloud offerings. This, including Azure, Office 365, Dynamics CRM Online, Intune, and Bing Maps. Keane has at least twenty-five years of experience in the technology industry. 

He has held leadership roles at startups and large companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, and HP. Most recently, he was the CEO of the data center automation startup Ensim Corporation. Software developer and engineer at Microsoft Tom Keane holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.