Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Business Expert Business Leader

Thriving Entrepreneur- Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has been the director of O’Hara Administration, an international company. O’Hara is not the only business Alejandro has led; he is also the President of Hawkers. Despite being successful in business, Betancourt has had his ups and downs. Alejandro began his first business at the age of 18 years, and since then, he has never given up on business. Alejandro Betancourt is considered the most prominent individual in business in Latin America. Lopez’s success story is seen as a motivation to other investors who now know no matter their challenges; they can make it.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is the President of Hawkers, a Spanish eyewear company created by four friends. At some point, the company was closing down, which is why the establishers consulted Alejandro to save their business. When Betancourt joined the eyewear firm, he did not only help with the financial issues and marketing the products that expanded the venture. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez used the power of social media to market eyewear products. The organization used college students as influencers to market the products. The students take photos with the products, then post them on their social media pages to get likes and comments and get back to the firm with feedback; in return, the firm offers entertainment and airline tickets to the influencers. The tactics have greatly benefited the organization, as it has boosted its sales. It is through persistence and suppleness that Hawkers has made it this far.

Hawkers is an eyewear firm established by four friends, Pablo, David, Iñaki, and Alex, to distribute high-quality, eco-friendly eyewear products. Hawkers were founded in Spain and have maintained its foundation location. Even though the company did not do well, it began well, and its founders had a vision for the organization. They involved Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to save their collapsing business. Creativity and invention have kept Hawkers moving.