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The Newest Happy Joe’s Pizza and Ice Cream Franchisees are Longtime Company Employees

The Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream chain of restaurants was founded in Davenport, Iowa, in 1972. Today, more than 40 pizza parlor eateries are located in seven U.S. states, and several locations are slated to open soon in Egypt.


New Franchisees

A recent news article on the Happy Joe’s American Pizza Parlor´s website states that two of the company’s longtime managers are now franchisees at locations in Kewanee and Galesburg, Illinois. The two new franchisees are Heather Avery and Leslie Boynton, who bring many years of experience to their new positions. As a teenager, Avery worked as a Happy Joe’s server, and she eventually became a general manager.


Happy Joe's: More Than Just Pizza


Tom Sacco is the Chief Happiness Officer and CEO of Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream. Tom Sacco said that the company is honored to welcome Avery and Boynton as new franchisees. 


Kewanee, Illinois Store

By being a franchisee, Avery believes she has the opportunity to inspire young women. At Happy Joe´s, she is also showing her children that females are capable of caring for their families while running a business. Avery began working for Happy Joe’s as a teenager, and eventually became a general manager with the chain.


Galesburg, Illinois Location

At the new Happy Joe’s store in Galesburg, the franchisee is company veteran Leslie Boynton. Through the years, she has served in assistant manager and general manager positions with the chain.