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The Colcom Foundation Strives To Continue Its Support Throughout Pennsylvania

With a rich history in philanthropy, the Colcom Foundation is able to provide a significant amount of support to various organizations that provide a service to the community. A great example is a benefactor of the foundation being a generous provider who supported the women’s freedom to reproduce before this right was nationally recognized and supported.

The foundation is able to continue this through the promotion of dialogue among policies concerning sustainable immigration. Plus, the Colcom Foundation provides support to those who wish to receive aid-in-dying from their physician. Through the Colcom Foundation, there is also a significant amount of support towards other projects that monitor growth impacts among the population. Besides these, there are quite a few other initiatives that Colcom Foundation supports.

Supporting A Decrease in Immigration

The foundation plans to continue to support the decrease in population and hopes to see a decrease in less than 20 years. These efforts will be through the support of several foundations such as the Center for Immigration Studies, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and NumbersUSA. When the level of immigration is decreased, there can be a lowering in the population.

Continued Environmental Support

Many projects involving conservation and environment are supported by the foundation. Many of the state counties involved include Westmoreland, Allegheny, Blair, Beaver, Washington, and Cambria.

Resident Support

Colcom Foundation supports all residents through the projects that they fund so that Pennsylvania resident lives can be enriched.

Cultural Support

Through the support of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the foundation is able to live nature through the exhibitions displayed so that the impacts that humans have are realized.

Economy Development

Throughout Pittsburgh, the city helps to enhance and protect the beauty all around the state. By remaining grounded, the economy and community are able to be revived through the use of land that is underutilized.

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