Global Brand Officer Steve Lesnard

Steve Lesnard on Sephora Virtual Event

The flagship cosmetics brand of Sephora has appointed Steve Lesnard as its new global chief brand officer, with ambitions to further amplify the brand’s reach through omnichannel advertising. Find out more about Steve Lesnard’s marketing career at The North Face and the reasons behind his switch to Sephore. The North Face’s CMO and Global VP of Product Creation is Steve Lesnard. He has been marketing sporting companies for more than 25 years. Within the largest sports company, Lesnard served as general manager of a $5 billion athletics division. With Olympians, professional athletes, and others, he has collaborated on campaigns.

The North Face’s team wanted to use diversity initiatives in 2020 to connect with places that lack access to nature. The Reset Normal campaign, which tackled racial injustice in outdoor athletics, was worked on by Lesnard’s team. The corporation reached out to communities all throughout the country and donated $7 million to remedy unfairness.

For The North Face, Lesnard and his staff put forth a lot of effort to make strategic partnerships a reality. An association with Sonos resulted in one of Lesnard’s most fruitful collaborations- a co-branded campaign. Together, the two companies created the Soundscape Series, which provided consumers’ homes the sounds of outside adventures.

Steve Lesnard, a designer for The North Face, worked to close the gap between high-performance apparel and upscale lifestyle companies. In order to develop unique product lines, The North Face worked with Maison Margiela, Gucci, and other fashion houses. One of Lesnard’s greatest achievements was leading his team through the pandemic successfully. At Sephora, Steve Lesnard serves as the company’s global chief brand officer. Lesnard claims that brands with innovation and disruption at their core appeal to him since they offer customers a better experience.

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