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Stephen Bittel, Founder of Terranova Corporation

Stephen Bittel is the CEO and chairman of Terranova Corporation (OTCQB: TNVA). He’s responsible for the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations. It was in 2007 when he first had the idea for Terranova, and in 2008 he started to put together a team of people who shared his vision and desire for success. Terranova Corporation has already become a leader in organic supplements, energy drinks, and other nutritional products, but Stephen is just getting started. Stephen Bittel has acquired several unique business opportunities that could fill the niche he is trying to create for Terranova. He’s already completed millions of dollars in revenue by purchasing other companies with existing sales.

  1. Carrer

Stephen Bittel has worked as a consultant for the energy drink firm Carrer. He has also consulted on developing product lines for many competitors of Carrer, including No1Juice, KJY, and E-Diversion. In August 2009, Stephen purchased a small company that was a competitor of Carrer called Energy Brands from its former owner. Energy Brands is another energy drink with a solid sales record, and it’s poised to become one of Terranova’s most popular products. He also chaired the board of directors of Energy Brands from August 2009 to February 2011. Stephen Bittel has contributed a lot to the growth and development of Carrer. He was a crucial figure in the development of new products, as well as providing advice on effective marketing and sales strategies.

  1. Community Trust

Stephen Bittel is working on the Community Trust. He has been able to acquire over 100,000 shares of the Community Trust by purchasing them at a discounted price. There are also many shares left above, and these excess shares are expected to be bought in the coming months. The Community Trust is an excellent deal for investors who want to get involved with Stephen Bittel’s companies early on. He has created a complete advisory board and a brand-new website called The Community Trust is trying to be accepted as a public company through the rule 504 exemption from the SEC. As soon as approved, this deal should skyrocket, so Stephen’s shares will also get much more valuable.

Stephen Bittel has shown that he can make money by buying companies similar to his own. He’s been able to create a solid cash flow, and he’s also able to make it rain dividends on existing shareholders. Stephen Bittel is a very savvy investor who has a clear vision of what he wants his future companies to be like. It’s important to note that Stephen Bittel started in online marketing for the beauty industry, which is why most of his investments have been in that area.

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