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Stephen Bird Recap

Stephen Bird, who became CEO of ABRDN, recently talked about his choice to lead the company’s rebranding efforts. The rebranding was a big step for the company, which wanted to update its brand name to make it easier to understand.

Stephen Bird says that the renaming was done for several reasons, such as simplifying the company’s name and image, making it easier for customers to understand what the company offers, and bringing it in line with its growth strategy. Bird also said that the company’s history of adapting to changes in the financial business made the rebranding a natural step forward.

The new name, ABRDN, shows that the company is focused on change and innovation while keeping a link to its Scottish roots. The name is pronounced “Aberdeen,” but the vowels were removed to make the brand stand out and easily remembered.

Stephen Bird also said it was essential to talk to customers and other important people during the rebranding process to ensure the new brand name would work for the company’s target audience. This required a lot of market study, customer feedback, and close collaboration with teams inside and outside the company.

Along with the rebranding, the company made a significant makeover of its digital infrastructure. This included a new website, a mobile app, and better data analysis tools.

Bird thinks the rebranding has been a success because customers and other stakeholders have given good feedback, the brand is now better known, and more people are interested in it. He also said that the company’s finances have been sound, even though the COVID-19 outbreak has been hard on them.

Bird thinks that ABRDN will continue to grow, especially in green investment and digital innovation. He believes that the rebranding has set the company up well for these possibilities and that its continued investments in technology and customer experience will be crucial to its long-term success. Continue reading article on The Boss Magazine