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Staying Safe With The New Citizen App Feature

Citizen App is a phone application that allows random citizens to get as much information about what is happening around them as possible, especially when it comes to potential problems like riots and fires. This is done through the Citizen app by making it so that anyone can post about an event happening in a particular area. People can communicate back in forth in this way to help increase everyone’s knowledge.

More recently, they’ve added a new feature called Protect. This feature is based on a subscription service and it makes it so that you can contact agents through the app to ask them advice on what to do. Once you contact the agent, they can send it to 911 or other first responders if this is serious enough. The agent can also send notifications to the person’s emergency contacts if needed. They can also use the situation to start a public incident that other members can see and react to in the immediate area.

You can activate the Citizen App feature in various different ways. For one, you can just hit the button to contact an agent, but it has more options than that as well. You can have it so that it activates just when you shake it. Also, it can be activated by recognizing signs of stress such as screams.

The agent can bring their own sources of information to bear as well so that if you see a crowd of people growing around you, they can access police scanners and other data to tell you that a riot is going on in the area and that you should probably leave in a certain direction that doesn’t have as many people an that is away from the epicenter of an event such as a political riot. Go to this page for more information.


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