Fitness Investments

SmartFit CEO Edgar Corona

In 2009, Edgard Corona became the founder and CEO of SmartFit. And May of 1996, he became the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bio Ritmo. Edgard Corona presently serves in these corporations as an individual investor.

SmartFit technology was created by industry professionals, to train the human performance at all levels. This is an interactive training site, for the young and old alike. This service can perform as fast as a professional athlete and yet it’s sensitive enough for a senior citizen or even a child.

Gunnar Peterson is a celebrity personal trainer. His job is to explain the power of this training to each new member and what it’s designed to do. At the beginning, there’s a game introduced that’s made specifically to enhance the person’s desire to participate.

SmartFit has the potential to rapidly develop an individual skill, by engaging in repetition that’s driven by the inner desire to learn something new. This site uses a wide spectrum of physical motion and motor development tests to increase a person’s processing speed. Also, the decision making skills while under a load of stress are much improved.

These games are designed to engage players of all ages and different skill levels. These easy to learn programs are geared to improve a person’s skills and to improve the health of their brain. This site has been scientifically proven to bring fast results. Each member can access their own personal data and also keep track of their progress.

Bio Ritmo was promoted shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic caused the worldwide fitness industry to lose business. This site uses 21 technology services and products. Edgard Corona and his team are following a new path and facing many challenges along the way. At this time, they are preparing to experience a comeback.