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Richard Liu: The Founder of with an Interesting Success Story

Today, Richard Liu is one of the richest individuals in China. Richard Liu Qiangdong has a net worth of $14.5 billion. However, he wasn’t always this wealthy. While in high school, he had to work three jobs to help support his parents and siblings. He was also an excellent student who graduated with a Law and Economics degree from China’s prestigious Renmin University. He then earned an MBA from Cheung Kong Graduate Business School at Beijing University. is an e-commerce company in China and the second largest after Alibaba. His e-commerce company,, is a lesser-known brand compared to its competitor in the West. Richard Liu stepped in as CEO of in 2008 and has been shaping up the company’s image since then.

As a result, has grown from a little-known Chinese company to one of the largest online retailers in the world. Qiangdong has applied a unique and futuristic approach to his company’s use of technology.

Richard has transformed the way the company runs by implementing and innovating with cutting-edge technologies that have helped create a new way of doing business in China. He recognized early on that Internet technology would change retailing and devised a plan to change into an e-commerce powerhouse in China.

Today, it is valued at $60 billion, and Liu Qiangdong is now recognized as a business guru by several publications in China and abroad.’s first-quarter revenue jumped 58 percent to 73.5 billion Yuan, the fastest pace of growth since the company went public in May 2014, with the stock price rising 15% the same day. Liu Qiangdong, Chairman of, was confident and happy.

It was a big event in China’s Internet history, as had become one of the first Internet companies to go public in the country’s market. Richard Liu Qiangdong has won the prestigious “2011 China Economic Person of the Year” award from CCTV. China’s national TV station presented the award in December at a star-studded event in Beijing. See related link to learn more.


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