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Raffaele Riva Story In Business

Raffaele Riva is a household name in the corporate section. The AUREA Multi-Family Office founder has worked with respected professionals worldwide and is known for his expertise in wealth management. Because of his numerous accomplishments, Raffaele Riva is a role model to many. In his recent interview, the businessman spoke about his career journey and how he started his international company. During the interview, Riva explained that his business began in 2008.

Although AUREA Multi-Family Office has expanded at the global level, Riva co-owns it. The facility has opened doors to customers in various countries, and most are content with the financial expertise they get from Riva. The company founder trains his company professionals about the best practices and approaches when dealing with customers. Riva’s company creates wealth management plans for high-profile clients. Every customer gets customized plans suitable for their personal needs and plans. Raffaele Riva gives close attention to business relationships.

Finance customers want to work with experts who know how to communicate. Raffaele communicates in several languages. The executive has Italian and Swiss citizenship and goes out of his way to give customers close attention. Satisfied customers bring in more clients through their positive reviews. Riva is always careful about making his days productive. Due to the nature of his work, Raffaele Riva does not have a typical day.

The businessman believes in focusing on the most urgent tasks in the office. Unlike many leaders, Riva starts working at 7;30 am. Most of the time, the leader works till late in the night.

Riva plans his work because of the numerous tasks under his belt. The Italian professional travels a lot too, and this brings disruptions to his work routine. Going to meet customers and forming personal relationships is something Riva has to do to grow his business and win more clients.

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