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Quattro Development As A Small Business

Quattro Development is a small business with headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois, with big ambitions. The company, founded by Rob Walters and Mike Liyeos, is a one-stop real estate developer and construction company, a marketing and consulting group, and a developer of real estate plans. The company is 100 percent customer oriented and focuses on quality. They do construction for residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. The company’s diverse clientele spans the United States from California to Pennsylvania to North Carolina.

  1. How Quattro Development Manages Its National Footprint as a Small Business

Quattro company works with the customer from the beginning to the end of the project, which expands its client base. Their mission is to be a single contact for the customer, like a one-stop shop for all building needs. “We strive to excel at all our endeavors and always look for ways to add value to our clients and their projects,” says Quattro co-founder Mike Liyeos. Being customer-driven makes Quattro a small business with a huge national reach. They are known for their focus on quality.

  1. Careful Localization

Quattro Development’s strategy of localizing the company to its five core markets was key to its winning design and construction projects. “We choose to focus on localizing our business so we can focus on the complexities of each market and make it as simple as possible for our clients,” explains Quattro co-founder Rob Walters. “It will help us provide them with a truly personalized experience,” he continues. Being company-customer-focused has made Quattro a small business with big national reach by localizing their company.

  1. Thoughtful Delegation

Quattro Development’s thoughtfulness in delegating to their employees on each project also made them a small business with a big national reach. “It is critically important that we ensure that our teams are trained and have the resources and support to do their jobs successfully,” explains Quattro co-founder Rob Walters. “And that is critical for us to focus on our clients meaningfully,” he continues. Being thoughtful in delegation makes Quattro a small business with a big national reach. They are known for their focus on quality and localizing the company.