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Protecting Pangolins: Simon Denyer

Simon Denyer hco0vered many different stories over the years for the Washington Post. He has covered a variety of topics over the years. He really likes covering the Olympics but also takes time to do other projects as well. One of the stories that he is covering now concerns the animal known as the scaly anteater.

It is also known aby another name and that is the pangolin. There is a campaign out now to help the animal survive and keep the insect world in balance as well. Here is a little more on what the group is trying to accomplish.

Simon Denyer of the Washington Post is talking to a group called WildAid. It is a group that is trying to protect animals becoming extinct. The group is trying their best to prevent the animal from being sold around the world in illegal trade for their meat.

It also wants to prevent the spread of disease from the animal to man as well. These animals live in the forests of Cameroon and want to help it stay alive. that is why the campaign has started to save the pangolin. They want people to say no to eating pangolin meat.

Simon Denyer has been covering this story in Cameroon from the beginning. He knows that the campaign is a worthwhile one because the people of Cameroon want to keep the ecosystem intact for generations to come.

They want people to see how important the pangolin is to the balance of the animal world of Cameroon. the main goal is to put an end to the bushmeat trade and preserve the legacy of the pangolin for prosperity. Once an animal like this is gone it can never come back again. that is why WildAid is here to protect the endangered pangolin. Simon Denyer’s: Facebook Page.