Cloud Foundry Pinnacle Award

Propelling Cloud Computing with Tom Keane and Microsoft’s Azure Global

Tom Keane has become a noted figure in the cloud computing world for his unparalleled contributions to Microsoft’s Azure Global platform. He is a Corporate Vice President of Azure Global, a cloud computing company under Microsoft’s umbrella. In February 2021, he was honored with the Pinnacle Award for his exemplary leadership in the cloud industry. 


Tom Keane is a two-time Microsoft Senior Fellow, as well as a Microsoft Technical Fellow, an honor bestowed to those with remarkable technical excellence and leadership. He currently serves on the board of Cloud Foundry, a Platform-as-a-Service open source technology for running applications. 


A cloud industry veteran with over 30 years of experience, Tom has the expertise to guide customers through cloud technology transformation with Azure Global. His leadership has been instrumental in driving the growth of Azure’s Public Cloud, Edge computing, and hybrid offerings for customers worldwide, allowing them to accelerate their digital transformation journeys with innovative products and services. Tom Keane is the one in charge of the development and delivery of these projects.

Tom Keane: A Key Player at Azure Global

Throughout his time with Microsoft, the cloud services engineer has continuously demonstrated his commitment to empowering enterprise customers to build secure, extensible cloud solutions with Azure Global. Tom Keane has actively contributed to knowledge sharing and best practice articles for cloud technology in the past, and has committed to further driving the Azure platform forward.

Tom Keane stands as an influential figure in the cloud computing industry. In addition, he is well deserving of the Pinnacle Award that honors his commendable contributions to the field and his impressive leadership. Through his direction, Microsoft’s Azure Global is well positioned to power customer growth and serve as a primary gateway for digital transformation into the future.