Pinnacle Hotels CEO Dr Barry Lall Knows The Important of Teaching Employees

Pinnacle Hotels would not be where they are today were it not be for CEO Dr. Barry Lall who has put forth the effort of educating his employees. Lall says that without proper education and the right motivation, employees can render absurd services hence scare clients. According to the CEO, it is imperative that any entrepreneur in the hospitality industry take education of his or her employees seriously. “Proper and idea education is paramount. Employees should not only be learned but must know that every client is important and deserves respect. Our clients are the reason our business is standing,” says Barry Lall.

Ever since Barry Lall took the mantle of leadership as the hotels CEO, he has shown that he has immeasurable degree of love for his clients as well as respect for his employees. It doesn’t matter what sector an employee is. Whether it is in the corporate offices, which are deemed by junior employees as high and close to the boss or down there at the front office and dealing directly with visitors, Dr. Barry Lall treats his employees with exquisite respect. Barry Lall is a stronger believer of candid education. He says that when each employee knows what is needed for the business, the environment becomes conducive for everyone.

Dr Barry Lall is not new to people of different cultures and nationality. He has lived in three different continents. Before he settled in the United States, Barry Lall lived in the United Kingdom where he studied medicine. Several years before taking his medical degree, Lall had lived in Malawi, then Nyasaland. Although he doesn’t practice medicine anymore, Barry Lall is a success businessman, having started Pinnacle Hotels from nothing. His chain of hotels is now among the reputable hotels within the hospitality department, offering clients an ample place to dine and sleep.

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