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Philip Belamant's Incredible Achievements in Business

Many industries have discovered the benefits of integrating technology into their operations. The finance section has been among the industries where technology has brought a lot of growth. Fintech companies have increased in the market in recent months. In the international community, UK financial companies have taken the leading position. Research shows that UK fintech companies make over ten percent of the international market share.

In 2021, fintech companies in the United Kingdom received investments worth eleven billion. This notable figure represents more than half of what the other European fintech companies received in the same year. People in the global community consider fintech companies in the UK to be a significant force. Philip Belamant is the most outstanding fintech leader bringing a massive impact in the global finance section. The serial entrepreneur got his education in South Africa before moving to London to start the biggest fintech company, Zilch.

Although South Africa was a great platform to start his business, Philip Belamant chose to travel to London because of the opportunities and customer base. A few years after the success of Zilch, Philip Belamant is introducing his BNPL services to other consumers in the international market. As the chief executive officer and founder of the exceptional firm, Philip Belamant has put in lots of work to get resources and more customers for his business.

The application’s modern features have ensured that low-income communities get more benefits from Zilch. Many financial technology applications charge significant amounts for their services to consumers. On the other hand, Philip searches for different and better ways of getting revenue for his fast-growing business instead of putting all the burden on the customers. Using his expertise in finance, Philip has ensured no customer is charged any amount for using his services. The customer care professionals in Zilch are available to assist customers in making purchases any time of the day.

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