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Mo Katibeh Leverages Tech To Carve Out Meaningful Career

Mo Katibeh leverages technology to carve out a meaningful career that helps entrepreneurs and their allies.

Mo Katibeh is an entrepreneur, speaker, and head of marketing at Streamr. She is also a graduate of Oxford University. Her blog shares information on her thoughts and experiences on the effects of technology on people’s lives and how it shapes our careers. Mo’s experience with tech has led her to begin her adventure as an entrepreneur, including teaching entrepreneurship at colleges worldwide.

Streamr is a Blockchain protocol that uses an open-source approach to facilitate the trading of live data.

Streamr’s mission is to make the world more data-driven by creating a global, decentralized marketplace for real-time data exchange. Streamr allows people to use and trade their data without third-party intermediates or limits. The idea behind Streamr was born out of frustration with current situations in the market; companies are imposing streaming from end users and limiting access to their content. Large corporations acting as gatekeepers restrict access and lock up valuable data & hindering its free flow between streamers & consumers. Streamr aims to solve these problems while fostering a truly open data economy.

Mo Katibeh nationality explains that as a child, she spent much time on the computer. It was in college that she realized how important technology is and how it can be used to change the world. Mo has seen technology change her life significantly over the years, taking college lessons on the ruination of privacy, for example, and realizing how we are too reliant on our devices. She has also witnessed an increase in people opting to own the hardware, which allows them to be more at home with their technology, which is a fair thing to do. n. She shares advice for those who want to work in tech yet need to figure out where to start.

Mo Katibeh started her career with Oxford University Press as a publishing assistant and then worked her way up to marketing manager at ITN Productions. Katibeh says she didn’t get into tech immediately; it was a slow progression.

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