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Mitto COO Ilja Gorelik – Recent Press Recaps

Customer engagement is essential in today’s competitive business environment. To provide a seamless experience for customers across multiple channels, companies need to create a single point of contact for customers to interact with their brand. This approach helps to build trust and loyalty with customers and enhances their overall experience.

Ilja Gorelik, the COO and Co-founder of Mitto AG, a Swiss-based omnichannel messaging provider, emphasizes the importance of personalized interactions with customers. He believes that providing relevant and valuable content is crucial to keep customers engaged.

While AI can be useful for automating routine tasks, Gorelik believes that it cannot replace the human touch entirely. At Mitto, the team blends the best of AI and human touch to deliver personalized and engaging customer experiences.

Delivering an omnichannel experience can be challenging, especially when it comes to mobile messaging. Gorelik emphasizes the importance of having a deep understanding of the nuances of each channel and tailoring the message accordingly. Gorelik’s passion for social entrepreneurship is evident through his foundation, The Gorelik Family Foundation. The foundation aims to promote education, healthcare, and technology for disadvantaged communities.

Overall, Gorelik’s insights on customer engagement and omnichannel marketing highlight the importance of providing a seamless, personalized experience for customers across all channels. His expertise in the field has made him a valuable asset to Mitto AG and a respected voice in the telecommunications industry. By focusing on personalized interactions and delivering relevant content, companies can build trust and loyalty with their customers and enhance their overall experience.