Business entrepreneur

Miki Agrawal Account for the Rewards and Challenges of Innovation

Miki Agrawal is a renowned entrepreneur who has come up with disruptive companies like

Tushy and Thinx address the less-talked-about issues affecting women. She is also an

excellent author with bestselling books such as Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman. In her books, the multi-talented entrepreneur explores various life areas with limitless disruptive opportunities resulting in personal or business growth.

Her Personal Life

Miki Agrawal is happily married to Andrew, who is her strongest cheerleader. She has a son, Hiro Happy has given her a new perspective about life, always motivating her to keep herself grounded amidst all storms. Agrawal has a twin sister, Radha, who is also her creative counterpart and a business partner. Being Canadian-born, Miki Agrawal has both Indian and Japanese backgrounds. She studied at Cornell University in New York and graduated in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Communication.

Her Three Unique Accomplishing Goals

To achieve her entrepreneurial goals, Miki Agrawal came up with three goals and timelines for achievement. Her first goal was to join a soccer team where she could be

part of the New York Magic. She would then shift to video production, which landed her an opportunity to venture into the Pizza industry after realizing she consumed unhealthy meals during the sets. As the business expanded, Miki felt she needed to continue disrupting.

Other industries, and ended up with Thinks, a female underwear line that offers reusable pants for periods.

Her Launch of TUSHY Bidet

Because she regarded a sustainable economy, Miki came up with an alternative for the toilet paper use, which she links to deforestation. She brought to the Americans bidets, which are installed on a toilet to replace tissue paper. As TUSHY bidet experiences growth, Agrawal lends