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Mark Hauser- Man of Many Acting Parts

It is unusual to think of an actor of any type as an entrepreneur but Mark Hauser is different. The actor and voice actor sees himself exactly as a business that has one employee- himself. As an entrepreneur Mark Hauser sets out every day to build his brand and move his career forward in a systematic and business like way. He prepares a list of three to five things he needs to accomplish on the following day.

Despite all the new apps and programs that are available today, Hauser likes to use the old fashioned method of making a list with pencil and paper. All of these tasks help him to accomplish a specific task toward a specific goal. Hauser believes while all of his tasks can be accomplished, they will require the use of much of his brain power. He absolutely enjoys carrying the list with him as he goes about his day and crossing out an item as he completes it!

Some may ask about what a voice actor actually does. For many years Mark Hauser has perfected his ability to create a character and fully and correctly act out the character’s part with just the use of his voice. As an actor and a voice actor Hauser strongly believes that he needs to respond to every opportunity that comes his way and further to pursue opportunities he creates for himself. For example if he hears a commercial with a voice over part, he might create a plan for that company and visit with them to pitch his ideas. For his acting career he will network with his colleague, friends, and acquaintances. He them might pursue those opportunities through his agent.

Mark Hauser has a favorite quote from the auto maker Henry Ford. Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Hauser explains that he believes in the truth of Ford’s quote because whether or not someone succeeds depends on his or her attitude. Go Here for related Information.