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Margie Hauser's Success in Songwriting

Margie Hauser is a celebrated singer and writer in the United States. The veteran songwriter has successfully written more than fifty country songs in her career. Accomplished singers in America, such as Diana Ross, Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand and Ray Charles, have performed most of these songs. One of the greatest hits recorded by Streisand, The Rose, was among the famous songs written by Margie Hauser. The song was released in 1973 in an album called Sheppie Hagar. Most community members discovered Margie’s talent after the success of the hit song.

Margie’s Personal Life

Margie’s personal life has always been in the public domain. The celebrated musician was born and raised in Pennsylvania. In her early life, the talented songwriter lived with her parents in Hazleton. Margie Hauser’s father played the piano at prestigious events, and he was good at composing songs. It was easy for Margie to learn and love music while growing up under her father’s career.

At seven years, the renowned musician began singing on national radio. This opportunity came because of the help Margie was getting from her father. Some big bands based in Northeast Pennsylvania discovered Hauser’s talent through radio, and they began to ask for her collaborations. These collaborations opened more significant opportunities for talented musicians.

Amid her musical accomplishments, Margie Hauser gave her education all the attention needed. The songwriter attended Delaware Valley College. While in school, Margie was in the school choir, and her greatest mission was to study and become a doctor. After school, the medical graduate married Larry, and they have two children, Louis and Elaine. Instead of focusing on becoming a doctor, Margie worked at a casino for a couple of years. Her role in the casino was to sing and entertain the guests. Hauser joined EMI Music Publishing years later and has accomplished a lot since then.

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