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Margie Hauser Discusses Her Music Industry Experience

Margie Hauser is a radio disc jockey and voice-over artist who has been in the music industry since 1983 when she first started in L.An on an indie label called Posh Boy Records. She worked as a producer at Dick Clark Productions before forming her own production company, Mojo Music, with her longtime friend and business partner, Nisha Katona. Together they have produced artists such as The Go-Go’s Steely Dan’s Aja Album, among others.

  1. Background

Margie Hauser was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she attended high school. She moved to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor but changed her heart once she saw an MTV video of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham performing. After graduating from U.C.L.A. with a degree in Radio/T.V./Film Production, Margie began her music career at KROQ-FM.

  1. Career Experience

In 1985, Margie became the first female disc jockey to win the coveted “K.R.O.Q. Acoustic Showdown” contest, and in 1986, Margie was hired by K.R.O.Q. to host a weekly afternoon show. She earned a 4-year contract, where she conducted interviews with artists such as Robbie Robertson, Rick Springfield, and Stephen Stills. In 1987, Margie became the first female radio personality to win the “K.R.O.Q. – Best Alternative Radio Personality” award.

  1. Achievements

Margie Hauser achieved national fame when she landed a vocal role as the voice of “Starla” in the film, “Nine Songs” produced by Allan Carr. She was chosen from over 250 actresses and became a household name after the song became an international hit on college radio. Margie Hauser developed a friendship with The Go-Go’s and their producer, Joe Vannelli, which led to Margie becoming the first female radio personality to interview The Go-Go’s for radio station K.R.O.Q.

Margie Hauser is an inspiration to aspiring radio personalities and artists. She was the first female in the L.A. area to win a prestigious D.J.D.J. contest and the first female to be awarded the K.R.O.Q.’s Best Alternative Radio Personality award. Margie has worked alongside legendary musicians and producers like Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Steely Dan, and the Go-Gos.