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Liu Qiangdong, JD.Com CEO Flags Off Covid Relief To Hong Kong

Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of JD.Com and leads an e-commerce company sweeping the globe. Today, millions of packages have been delivered through JD.Com’s international logistics system in less than a month, and even more, packages are expected to be delivered before the year ends.

To help those affected by this humanitarian crisis, Liu Qiangdong also donated relief items to Hong Kong for COVID-19 victims.

“We hope to help Hong Kong residents enjoy proper living conditions in the wake of this tragic disaster,” Mr. Liu Qiangdong said, “As a leader in ecommerce and logistics, JD will do our best to help Hong Kong residents.”

In the wake of this disaster, COVID-19 victims lost everything. They urgently need these life-saving supplies to help them survive. Thus, it was important for JD to speed up its donation process to get supplies to Hong Kong as fast as possible.

JD delivered the supplies promptly by lengthening transit time and arranging transportation while keeping costs low. These items will be given to victims of COVID-19 for free. We hope that these necessities will help those affected by COVID-19 through these difficult times. collected much-needed supplies from the company’s suppliers, including blankets, food, and medicine. Insurance companies also bundled together a variety of goods to help. Once all the donations were gathered, they were sent to Hong Kong.

Globally many COVID-19 victims are receiving assistance from the governments of China and Taiwan. However, some victims are still in need of assistance. To help these people, JD is calling on people like you to contribute directly to COVID-19 victims.

The leadership of Liu Qiangdong is yet another sign of the warmth and friendship between Taiwan, mainland China, and Hong Kong. We should all work together to help COVID-19 victims in this time of need.