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Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez Boosts Hawkers By Providing Capital Investment

The business industry tends to face significant challenges, and one of them is capital investment. Hawkers is a renowned sunglasses company in Spain where it originally is from faced such tough times and closed down. The famous Alejandro Betancourt is the first investor to channel his money to help the startup to work again from the ground.

Before Hawkers became famous, online stores sold it second-hand in Spain through an online store. The glasses were considered less trendy hence the sales led to its closure in 2016 due to financial challenges. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez decided to invest in the company after the administration faced tough times, and this was the beginning of their new transformation.

Alejandro is a Venezuela native and an entrepreneur who took his degree in Business Administration and Economics at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. After his studies, he majored immensely in the business sector, where he has taken part in several roles like investing, company management and successful entrepreneur.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez chimed in vast sums of money to the business, becoming the company’s primary stakeholder in 2018. Over the years before getting the position, Alejandro incorporated collaborations with O’Hara Administration, where he asked the investors to assist him in raising capital amounting to $56 million.

With Alejandro taking over the administrative roles, he was able to bring the business back to the limelight by opening the business and restrategizing the company’s blueprint.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was focused on ensuring the company grows and achieve more sales. He did this by collaborating with renowned companies like El Ganso Spanish apparel in a successful digital ad. The partnership made the company gain more partners through celebrities who rocked the trendy sunglasses bringing about influencer marketing that propelled the company to better heights. Currently, the company has sales above $70 million with more partnerships with the celebrated Leo Messi. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez gives back to the community in school projects at the St. Carmen Salles School in Cuidad, Bolivar.