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Launch House

Launch House is a home for entrepreneurs to find work-space, guidance, and resources.

Launch House provides a space for ambitious entrepreneurs to grow their new company from idea to reality. Providing affordable office space, mentorship from our team of business experts and access to funding makes Launch House the perfect place for an entrepreneur with an idea on how to change the world.

This is located in the historic Roanoke Machine Sheds, home to over 12 companies. Within this community, entrepreneurs have access to those resources that they need to help their idea become profitable. Launch House is a place where ideas can be shared and prepared for their next stage – whether it’s more funding or growth into additional markets.

From the beginning, he had been about community and transparency. When he first began, there weren’t any other coworking spaces in Roanoke. It would be another year before the others popped up. He wanted to provide a place for those early-stage entrepreneurs who needed help starting their business: do-ers, not talkers. It was important to him that their community was open and transparent; he had a “no secrets” policy. He knew that every entrepreneur is different and every start-up follows its own path—there is no cookie cutter process for becoming successful, but he allowed them all to learn from each other as they could take what worked best for them. Read this article to learn more.

Launch House is a non-profit organization. Thank you for your continued support!

Providing a Place for Entrepreneurs to Go

The FIRST Orlando Entrepreneur Center Team Led by CEO & Founder, John G. Jordan, the team of veteran business owners and educators at the FIRST Orlando Entrepreneur Center believes in the value of entrepreneurial talent and is dedicated to helping new and established businesses grow. The team’s commitment to being a part of the community stems from their personal experiences of overcoming obstacles by turning their passions into viable businesses.


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