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Launch House Announces House Capital

Launch House, the elite membership community, focusing on supporting and linking top entrepreneurial leaders, reported the onset of House Capital’s $1 million inception fund. The new fund is directed at assisting corporations within the community and assisting in the growth of the Launch House community. It will further support the community by establishing flywheel initiatives that draw upon the extensive networks of the House Capital members to create opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships. This added funding will allow it to provide members with stronger support for their business and the launch House community and resources for other corporations launching within the house.

Founded by Michael Houser, Jake Peters, and Brett Goldstein, House Capital’s objective is to build off the company’s existing relationship with establishers and corporations and bridge the access gap for those same individuals and companies. House Capital is a network for entrepreneurs who want to be part of a community that works to improve the business environment. It has an investment with top-tier lead investors like 16z, Sequoia, and Paradigm. Founders of companies that House Capital invest in will receive a lifetime membership to the community, including fundraising support, digital cohorts, mentorship, community events, and access to a network of investors, fellow entrepreneurs, and advisors.

Since its inception in January 2022, Launch House has invested in many companies at the pre-seed and seed stages, including Coinbooks, Ghost Financial, Anja Health, and claims. Most portfolio corporations are on track toward profitability and capacity growth within a few months. Its capital has also provided early capital to companies like InVenture, a company designed to help entrepreneurs turn dream ideas into reality. Launching it will further support the community by creating a flywheel, as the majority of funds raised from the fund will be returned to itself.

In conclusion, House Capital will continue supporting entrepreneurs who want to work independently and avoid the traditional risk of working in an established company. LHC will also provide an avenue for founders to access to various resources and networks in a way that allows them to thrive. Refer to this article for more information.


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