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Krishen Iyer, Owner and Founder of Encinitas Based Consulting Company

Krishen Iyer is the founder of The Consultant Center. It is a consulting company that specializes in management, business development and customer experience. After being fired from his previous position as an IT Director for a small software company for disagreeing with the CEO, Krishen built his own consulting business 


He has focused on helping companies solve their problems through consultative conversations. Today, The Consultant Center has grown to nearly 150 employees and is located in Encinitas, CA. Krishen Iyer was born in India and moved to Texas when he was two years old with his family. 


For the majority of his elementary and secondary education he lived in Houston, Texas. While in high school, he worked for a family business that sold industrial products. Krishen Iyer attended Stanford University for his undergraduate degree and UCLA for his MBA. Krishen moved to the San Diego area in 1993 and started working at a small startup software company from Houston.


It was called Global 360 which had about 40 people at the time. After about six years at that company, Global360 went public and he was promoted to Director of Operations. Krishen Iyer was in charge of all 7 regional sales offices around the world. At this point, Krishen had built a reputation within the company as an expert on customer experience management and retention methodology.

Krishen received several awards from his managers and clients for being a leader in customer experience management. He was responsible for establishing a global customer experience committee of all executives, including the CEO. Krishen Iyer was then promoted to the position of IT Director where he was responsible for ensuring that all the software systems of contact centers around the world worked smoothly.