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Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren is the fourth wealthiest person in America. He is the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners and the creator of The Dakota Access Pipeline, a source of controversy because it has disrupted Native American land and forced them to relocate.

Kelcy Warren is one of the most celebrated businessmen alive and a successful entrepreneur at a young age. He worked for his father’s construction company for about three years before he started his business venture into oil production, with an estimated $800 million worth of revenue between 1986-1987 alone.

Warren’s company Energy Transfer Partners, LLC, is one of the largest companies operating in the energy industry. ETP is a $20 billion company that transports natural gas and owns pipelines such as the Southern Natural Gas Company, Texas Eastern Transmission, and Texas Intrastate Pipeline. Warren owns more than 51% of ETP stock and controls Sunoco Logistics, valued at over $10 billion.

Besides the CEO position at Energy Transfer Partners, Kelcy Warren is a member of boards in other companies. He is a director of Phillips 66, Public Storage, and RLI Insurance Group Limited Liability Company. He has been on these boards since 2007- present day (2017).

Kelcy Warren is also a board member for APR Energy Inc, Spectra Energy, and Public Storage. He also served as a director for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation from 2006 to 2013.

Warren’s business history is filled with controversy, and controversy intensified with the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a proposed crude oil pipeline that will be constructed through Native American land, which is why the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been protesting. The channel will cause the desecration of sacred lands as it will pass through burial grounds and tribal cultural sites. The tribe has been protesting since the pipeline was initially announced in 2014. They say that without this pipeline, there is a risk of oil spills. The protesters have resulted in 200 arrests, and the cases they brought against ETP have been dismissed.

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