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Kelcy Warren

Kelcy Warren is an outspoken, controversial businessman and coal magnate. He owns the Beverly Hills power company, Kelcy Warren Energy Company, which he established in 1970 after graduating from the University of Virginia. He has also been a major player in politics since his college days when he first started working with Richard Nixon. Currently, he has spent over $100 million on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions.”

Kelcy Warren’s biography is worth noting because he has, to some degree, been engaged in all of the major controversies of the last half-century. He started his career as a high-level political operative for Richard Nixon during the 1968 presidential election. Kelcy Warren was appointed as “director of Safeguard American Technology (SAT).” This position was responsible for implementing security measures at select foreign military facilities. Warren also worked with the CIA and the NSA during this time period.

In Warren’s first year with SAT, he made history by being one of two men to visit the secret “Crown Jewel” nuclear facilities in Russia and ensure that they were secure against unauthorized access. Warren’s work for SAT would be touted as a reason why he later became a “go-to” guy for the Nixon administration. When Nixon resigned in 1974, Warren was ready to move on. Kelcy Warren began investing in gold mining and oil drilling companies and also worked as a private investigator. In 1977, Warren made his first big-time political deal by helping form the Western Fuels Company (WFC). This company planned to build a coal-fired power plant that would have become the single largest power plant in Dallas, Texas.

In 1980 Kelcy Warren started to purchase more coal-fired plants and consolidate his position with WFC. The purpose of this consolidation was partly because President Jimmy Carter wanted to end most coal burning in the U.S. by the year 1985. Warren planned to convince Carter that coal burning would reduce pollution, improve both the environment and public health, and prevent power disruptions due to excessive losses in key generation stations. Kelcy Warren had predicted that “if the Carter approach is adopted, hundreds of thousands of people will be laid off over a period of years.” See this article for more information.


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