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John Hailer Accepts New Position

The business world is to John Hailer what the boxing ring is to Mohamed Ali—a platform for remodeling the world and reimagining possibilities. So, it’s unsurprising the former Natixis President and CEO is a celebrated business executive and entrepreneur. Also, note that in addition to helping companies realize their dreams and profitability goals, Hailer enjoys giving back to the community, and this has enabled him to create long-lasting and meaningful partnerships.

The passion for bringing out the best in profit and non-profit enterprises has allowed John Hailer to work at different companies including Natixis– where he held the senior revision-most executive positions (President and CEO). Yes, Hailer’s 18-year stint at Natixis was successful. Moreover, overseeing the company’s Asia and Americas’ operations allowed him to gain the invaluable experience needed to run successful asset management companies.

Prior to stepping down from his role at Natixis, the philanthropic business executive was in charge of handling the firm’s asset management in the Americas and Asia. Also, note that the firm’s assets under management exceeded $1 trillion during Hailer’s tenure at the internationally-renowned asset management firm.

John Hailer lands new job

Individuals coming across Diffractive Managers Group for the first time should note that the firm has a new chairman–John Hailer. Meanwhile, it will help to note that 1251 Capitol Group privately owns and operates Diffractive Managers Group. Therefore, assuming the Chairman’s position at Diffractive Managers Group makes Hailer the senior-most executive (President) at 1251 Capitol Group.

Landing the new job means that John Hailer will be spending more time negotiating and closing business deals. Similarly, the celebrated philanthropist will have an opportunity to expand the scope of his philanthropic efforts by working with local communities.

A promise of futureproof solutions for investors

Many asset managers agree that finding a suitable investment portfolio is a challenging feat. Similarly, finding futureproof investments is only possible when working with experienced asset managers– and this is what investors enjoy after partnering with Diffractive Managers Group. The investment firm prioritizes innovative, impactful, and creative solutions, which allow businesses to enjoy the best returns on investments.

Investors will be pleased to learn that the company doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when designing is investment solutions. Consequently, investors and businesses that partner with Diffractive Managers Group should expect innovative solutions that provide answers to challenges such as access to liquidity, sustainability concerns, and equity volatility.

Should you work with Diffractive Managers Group?

The short answer is yes. Diffractive Managers Group is a legit asset management firm committed to becoming a one-stop shop for asset management solutions. The company prioritizes the design and development of robust solutions that help asset managers and other investors or clients to achieve set investment goals. Moreover, the company partners with like-minded asset management to ensure that clients enjoy an assortment of mainstream client-centered investment solutions. And this explains Diffractive Managers Group’s readiness to work with profit and non-profit institutions, family offices, and etc.