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Intrivo Founder and Co-CEO, Reeve Benaron

Intrivo Founder and Co-CEO Reeve Benaron talks about the company’s COVID-19 home test kit. He states that it detects an early warning signal for those vulnerable to respiratory illness caused by COVID-19 and how it can help them prepare for a pandemic if one were to occur.


COVID-19 test kit to detect an early warning signal for those vulnerable to respiratory illness caused by the flu strain COVID-19. The test provides a second opinion that can prevent flu among those who are already ill, unable to get a vaccination, or aren’t sure of the vaccination’s effectiveness. Reeve Benaron says the COVID-19 test is fast and accurate and can help those infected with the flu. 


Benaron says the COVID-19 test has been approved by Health Canada and is available in Canada. He also says that Intrivo is working with companies worldwide to get the test on the market. As a leader, Reeve Benaron has led the company’s efforts to develop a COVID-19 test and mask. 


Reeve Benaron worked with the company to launch its newest product, Intrivo Home CoV19 Test. He was also the co-founder of First Eagle Investment Management LLC. Intrivo is Canada’s only producer of the COVID-19 test that detects the emergence of flu strains such as COVID-19, a pandemic influenza strain. 

This new strain has appeared so far mainly in Asia but is a potential pandemic threat, healthcare and business expert Reeve Benaron explains. Healthcare professionals often use Intrivo’s tests to determine which patients require additional monitoring or treatment for flu-like severe illness with an immune deficiency or an infectious disease. Tests that detect the presence of coccidia also aid physicians in making appropriate treatment decisions for their patients.