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Immensa Provides Additive Manufacturing Services

In the last few years, organizations and users have embraced digital asset technologies such as decentralized finance and NFTs. Immensa Labs, an innovator in additive manufacturing, is leading this movement by developing a cost-effective, streamlined production process and delivering simple-to-use software that ensures a more efficient digital business. It will be the NFT manufacturing platform for companies in the Middle East.

A Saudi startup has announced its goal to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in Saudi Arabia through cost-effective, rapid-fire productivity. Immensa utilizes 3D modeling software and a range of rapid manufacturing techniques to produce digital assets, with further options to produce physical products. It is currently in talks with the government of Saudi Arabia to launch a new initiative or startup incubator that will help grow the adoption of additive manufacturing throughout Saudi Arabia.

Immensa’s production software is easy to use and aims to make digital asset creation quick, seamless, and efficient. It is stored in cloud-based warehouses for easy global access. With a focus on the application of additive manufacturing in the Middle East, the company also delivers software and services to ensure the effective growth of 3D assets in this region.

Immensa’s on-demand additive manufacturing service is ideal for small businesses that must produce physical assets as quickly and efficiently as possible. It can help companies reduce ownership costs by reducing transportation time, thereby decreasing downtime and warehousing expenses.

It is particularly well suited to manufacturing companies, as well as those in other industries that require complex designs. The production software can create intricate designs with little time or effort and generates quality physical assets that are less expensive than similar items made through conventional means.

Leveraging its existing digital designs and supplies collection, Immensa Labs delivers a turnkey solution that can be up and running within just a few weeks of the initial project kickoff. Through the production software, users can access dozens of pre-approved designs that are constantly being improved and updated.