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Immensa provides solutions to the digital world by leveraging advanced technologies like additive manufacturing and providing them to the digital world. It works with the supply of physical spare parts through an efficient, sustainable, and economical digital warehouse that leverages AM technology.

Once you visit Immensa, your spare parts undergo engineering simulations and tests that ensure they are providing a suitable operational mechanism. The main aim is to make high-quality spare parts that are redesignable to increase efficiency. The products are advantageous since they have less CO2 emission and reduce energy costs. Trust that Immensa parts are accurately manufactured, and thermos-dynamics ensure they run correctly.

A Digital warehouse is a part of digital spare parts that stores data and files, and the software serve highly advanced and sophisticated technologies and engineering practices. You can access it worldwide. The platform is highly secure therefore protects your digital assets and does digital analysis. You have to give them the go-ahead, and they design everything according to the speculations.

The digital assets fit every manufacturing need properly. With additive manufacturing experts, they will guide you through the whole process, from the concept stage to the production stage and the whole AM process. The engineers and AM experts ensure the perfect AM technology is used for every part.

We understand that additive manufacturing or AM is a challenging task, but the experts at the company cover the whole process. They undertake the process from the qualification of material, selecting technology, simulating, optimizing parameters, and post-processing.

The technologies available include selective laser sintering, fused deposition modeling, direct metal sintering, stereolithography, and wire arc additive manufacturing. The production network connects you to your area’s manufacturer, making your work easier. Immensa is a trustable solution; therefore, you get the best services in conjunction with your local manufacturer assistance.