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How Robert Kraft Transformed His Business

In the paper and packaging market, Robert Kraft is celebrated. The sports fanatic has enjoyed remarkable success in the industry and has helped the Boston community have a better life. Robert Kraft owns successful businesses in multiple industries. Robert Kraft’s excellent reputation and success did not come the easy way. Robert Kraft learned how to be successful after experiencing failure. Today, the Patriots owner is not scared of failing in anything he does.

When speaking to his charity foundation, the Boys and Girls Club, the serial entrepreneur urges young individuals to learn from any mistakes they make in life. The Brookline native was born in a modest household. Apart from learning from his failures, Bob Kraft discovered his passions early in life and focused all his attention on them. Robert Kraft knows how to bring the people around him together, and he says this is one of the attributes of his success. Robert has acquired so much success in business because he has the best professionals to help him. Identifying the right talents is a challenging responsibility for many people.

Robert and his children currently run the prestigious Kraft Group. Daniel, Jonathan, Joshua, and David have watched their father grow the family business for years, and they know most of the concepts used in the privately held facility. Robert began the company when he started working at Rand Whitney, a packaging company that he later purchased. After transforming the packaging company into one of the best in the global market, Robert Kraft founded the respected International Forest Products. The company is currently one of the biggest privately held paper companies worldwide.

Robert worked on expanding his company over the years. The entrepreneur added entertainment, private equity, sports, and real estate to his portfolio. The organization has over five thousand workers and operates in eighty countries. This massive growth has happened because Bob is a risk-taker. Visit this page for more information.


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