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How Matthew Mansell, Founder Of Athlo, Changed His Passion For Fitness Into An Impactful Business


Besides trailblazing those with a lifelong enthusiasm to conceive something exclusive, other entrepreneurs exercise business judgment with ambition. By adding timely chances, one could carefully define Matthew Mansell, the Athlo founder.

Athlo is a sharing economy application focused on the wellness arena, initiating an electronic podium for health clubs, customers, and fitness center members to share exercise lessons and subscriptions, thereby regaining some of their investment spent on well-being endeavors. As the next fitness unicorn, Matthew Mansell has achieved to build a game-changing business by turning his love of fitness into an entrepreneurial venture.

Even though this inspiration by itself has the capabilities of forming a remarkable fitness enterprise, Mansell’s involvement in physical activities and ceaseless mission for an active lifestyle gives the firm an especially responsive flavor.

He had contested professionally in rugby for many years, and his voyage through that practice and then into the mercantile surroundings eventually shaped Athlo. Mathew Mansell’s love for fitness is the foundation of this venture. He has always been involved in physical activities like rugby and running, which he believes helps him to stay mentally fit. He also believes that it is important for people to have access to a variety of exercise options so that they can stay physically and mentally healthy. Through his company, Mansell has created an environment where not only do customers have access to a variety of exercise classes, but also trainers and health clubs benefit from the platform.

Mansell’s vision of creating a platform allowing customers to easily find and book suitable classes at their local health club drove him to create it. The app allows customers to search for classes based on location, type of class, and availability. It also provides customers detailed information about each class, such as the duration, intensity level, and instructor. Additionally, the app allows health clubs to manage their booking system more efficiently by providing them with a platform to promote classes and track attendance.

Mansell’s passion for physical activities has been paramount in creating its success. His commitment to providing people with access to effective fitness solutions drives him to continue developing innovative ways for people to stay healthy. Mansell believes that his company can empower users by giving them the tools they need to make informed decisions about their exercise routines so that they can lead healthier lives. With this mission in mind, he continues to build it into an industry leader in the sharing economy and fitness space. Refer to this page for additional information.


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