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How Andrea Riposati Grew Dante Labs’ Revenue

Dante Labs is an app development company that was founded in 2013. We specialize in mobile enterprise solutions and offer augmented and virtual reality services. Our team of more than 200 employees has grown Dante Labs to a revenue of more than 100 million dollars annually and continues to grow daily. Andrea Riposati is the CEO of Dante Labs’Labs’ and has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top entrepreneurs to watch. He has also been recognized as a leading authority on augmented reality. Dante Labs is based in Dallas, Texas, and serves customers in the United States. Their team is currently developing a new AR/VR platform that will allow gamers to play augmented reality games with other players anywhere in the world.

  1. By Making Genomics Testing Accessible to All

Dante Labs has created its genomics testing service that is highly affordable and allows you to access your results as soon as they are ready. The result of these tests is all down to the accuracy of each company, which for Dante is usually over 99%, making your results an accurate reflection of your genetic makeup. Andrea Riposati said, “The time of genomics testing has finally come. You don’t have to be diagnosed with cancer or think you have cancer to get a DNA test. We are here to empower individuals by making genetic testing accessible to everyone.”

  1. By Empowering Reporters to Write Better

Dante Labs is working with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) to create an online news service that reporters worldwide can use. The SPJ has been working with local journalists on issues such as politics and social justice to help them better cover the world around them. Dante Labs is creating a platform that will allow journalists to write content specifically for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites, allowing them to reach more readers for their reporting.

  1. By Helping Individuals to Teach Basic Programming

Dante Labs has created an online platform where anyone can learn programming using a drag-and-drop language called Blocks. The blocks creator can quickly and easily create the basic programs they need, while the Blocks creator can customize the program to suit their own needs. Andrea Riposati learned how to program as a child, similar to how many children today are learning to program. He believes this is an essential skill for everyone as computers continue to become more integrated into our daily lives.

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