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Greg Blatt’s View On Politics In The Business

Greg Blatt once stated that when Michael Jordan was asked why he never got involved in politics, he replied by saying Republicans, too, bought sneakers. He assumed that the corporate leaders’ thoughts were all about politics. They could have personal politics that were apolitical to the company. Greg has been a witness to the rise of political offices as he has held positions of leadership in a variety of industries.

He became a consultant for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Before becoming general counsel for America InterActivCorp’s holdings, Martha Stewart assisted in publicizing the company (IAC). He later became CEO of IAC, which includes Tinder, Match Group, and The corporation could own people in large numbers, but it does not. Blatt believed the polled executives were confidential in the United States.

Almost 99% believe their companies could have avoided getting involved in politics. Everything is considered political today. This was due to Millenials and Generation Z constituting most of the workforce. According to Blatt, some people never wanted the idea of being involved in everything but could not engage in anything.

Being involved in politics was a diversion. However, not being involved in politics is a hobby. To appease the stakeholders, one had to be involved in politics, which resulted in the alienation of sections of the stakeholders. The solution was to be involved in something the current society did not provide. Greg Blatt realized that wasn’t an option, so he approached the questions with caution and discretion.

When he was running his business, Greg Blatt held culture committee meetings weekly. Greg Blatt was the CEO and Chairman of Match Group. He graduated from Colgate University with a bachelor of arts in language, English. Later, he earned a doctorate in law from Columbia Law School. He worked as an associate for Schindler PC and Grubman Indursky.

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