Freight Industry Greg Aziz

Greg Aziz’s Philosophy on Building a Strong Team

As the President of a leading engineering and manufacturing company, Greg Aziz knows the importance of building a strong and dedicated team. In a recent interview, he shared his insights on what it takes to create a cohesive and effective team. According to Aziz, the foundation of a strong team is a shared sense of purpose and vision. 


He believes that it’s essential for everyone on the team to understand the goals of the organization and to be aligned in working towards those goals. Overall, they represent the number one railroad and freight manufacturing company. In addition to a shared sense of purpose, Greg Aziz also emphasizes the importance of building a culture of collaboration and mutual support. 


He encourages open communication and encourages his team to work together to solve problems and find solutions. This collaborative approach has helped to foster a sense of trust and respect among his employees, which in turn has contributed to the success of the company. Overall, Greg Aziz believes that building a strong team requires a combination of shared purpose, collaboration, and mutual support. 


Lifetime Achievement Award Greg Aziz

By focusing on these principles, he has been able to create an effective and dedicated team that has helped drive strong results for his organization. In 1999 Greg Aziz was awarded the Premier’s Award for Excellence in Business for small business management and development by the Ontario government (Facebook). 

To be successful, the railway industry must work collaboratively to solve technical challenges, develop new products, and create innovative services that will differentiate the rail industry from other modes. Led by Greg Aziz, the railway industry must work together to adapt to the changing environment of energy prices, increasing energy security concerns, and global political unrest.