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Greg Aziz and Decarbonization

Greg Aziz is the chairman and president of Bombardier Transportation and a self-made American businessman. He has become one of the world’s most successful industrialists. Greg has been a significant player when it comes to decarbonization policies for the transportation industry, and he thinks the U.S. must get behind green energy.


The blueprint released by Biden’s administration is called the National Blueprint for Transportation. It details what should be done over the next few years to cut vehicle carbon emissions. The plan aims to reduce carbon emissions from new cars, trucks, and buses to 100% by 2035 and zero emissions by 2050. According to Greg Aziz, two essential things must be done to accomplish this goal.


First, the plan needs to focus on ensuring that the power plants used are green energy sources. This is key because fossil fuels produce more carbon emissions than green energy types like wind and solar power, so when there is a strong push for green power, it will reduce pollution. According to Greg Aziz, the other thing that needs to be done is to establish a financial incentive for the companies that make cars to make them more energy efficient. This incentive can be in the form of tax credits, which can be passed through Congress.


The following actions are presented in the blueprint on how to decarbonize rail:


Greg Aziz CEO of Wabtec Corporation

  1. Infrastructure investments

The plan states that a fund should be allocated to improving the nation’s rail infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions. It’s something Greg Aziz strives for. This money can strengthen inefficiency and increase speed, allowing freight trains to run more often and thus reducing their carbon emissions.


  1. Multi-stakeholder collaborations

America needs leaders like Greg Aziz. The U.S. rail industry is divided into multiple stakeholders, and the plan suggests that these stakeholders work more closely together to create a stronger green future for America’s railways.


  1. Research on clean-energy technologies

The plan states that research needs to be done on clean-energy technologies because some, like natural gas, nuclear, and coal, can be used with the rail industry to produce zero emissions in the future.