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Gino Pozzo’s Proven Track Record Of Raising Lower-Division Teams

Gino Pozzo is a prominent Italian entrepreneur and sports club owner. He was born in Udine, Italy, and developed a love for the sports business while growing up. He studied at Harvard University, where he earned a Master’s Degree. He owns different football clubs, notably Watford Football Club. and Udinese Calcio. Both teams play in their respective league’s top divisions. One of the major highlights for the Pozzo’s came in 2015 when they had three successful clubs in Italy, Spain and England. During this season, Gino Pozzo led Udinese to the Champions League for the 20th time.

While he was in the United States, Pozzo married a Spanish woman. He moved to Barcelona, where the family would spend the next two decades. He later relocated to London in pursuit of his dream of managing Watford Football Club. The Pozzo family once ran a tool making which they sold in 2008. They also have other businesses in Spain dealing with electrical appliances.

Gino Pozzo said in an interview that he relishes the opportunity to manage football clubs. However, to manage a club like Watford, one needs more than a love for the beautiful game. There is a need to be creative since English football is very competitive. Initially, the Pozzo family bought football clubs because they loved football. Now, Pozzo buys clubs with a business mindset as well. This means he has to invest in the club by hiring the best coaches and recruiting talented players. Since the Pozzo family owns different clubs, they trade players among them. This has been a critical element in their business model.

Gino Pozzo is aware that football keeps evolving. He, therefore, remains open-minded about hiring coaches and signing players. Although the Hornets have changed coaches over the years, the owners have remained consistent in their recruitment and talent development strategies. He ensures that coaches give their best during their tenure at the club.

Gino Pozzo’s ability to identify and develop young talents has been instrumental in nurturing players like Kwadwo Asamoah, and Medhi Benatia and Chilean forward Alexis Sánchez. Pozzo works with former Italian footballer Andrea Carnevale in the recruitment department at Udinese in recruiting players for the Hornets.

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