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Get help with RAINN

RAINN is an organization that is a branch of the Department of Defense sexual assault division. This hotline allows for individuals who are victims of sexual assault to come forward and make their voices heard. The National Sexual Assault hotline runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. RAINN operates over 40 hotlines to help victims come forward about their assaults.

Why is RAINN so important?

Without RAINN, the phone hotlines would not be able to handle the influx of phone calls from victims. This year alone, RAINN helped their four millionth person through their hotline services. They have celebrated a 28 year milestone and the amount of individuals who have come forward for help is astounding.

How Does RAINN Help?

The National Sexual Assault hotline is able to help victims by directing them to services and specialists that can help them with their trauma. They are there for the victims from the very first phone call that the victim makes to report the abuse. The organization has even teamed up the peace corps to help further their outreach into the communities where abuse is more prevalent.

Who can report a sexual assault?

Any victim of a sexual assault can call and report their abuse. In addition to the victim, mandated reporters such as teachers, counselors, doctors or first responders can also report suspected sexual abuse. One doesn’t have to be a mandated reporter to report potential abuse. Anyone that legitimately feels as though someone, an adult, child or elder, is being sexually assaulted can call in for guidance and help.

RAINN has been expanding their services over the past 28 years and has an impressive outreach but it is important that community involvement and training be offered to everyone so that they know how to spot the signs of sexual abuse